IoT Fridge Saver

Welcome to the IoT Fridge Saver project documentation. This documentation will detail all the steps you must follow to set up your own system.

IoT Fridge Saver is a project that born from the idea of monitoring the household appliance that consumes the most of our house. Do not know yet what it is? Exactly, the fridge or refrigerator.

How much does your refrigerator consume in relation to the rest of household appliances in the house? If you check it you will see that it is by far the most consuming appliance. The problem is in how can we check this?

This is where IoT Fridge Saver enters attacking two important aspects of refrigerators: consumption and temperature control and energy saving.

It is a totally open source project that uses Free Software and Free Hardware

The first thing you should do is sign up on the platform. Access the IoT Fridge Saver website and fill out the form.